Group Literacy & Language Therapy

There are many benefits to group therapy. We developed language because we are social beings; and therefore, we need to learn to use newly learned language skills with others. That's what communication (both verbal and written) is all about.

Group therapy provides a supportive environment in which to do just that. In the group therapy context, we can target new skills such as reading aloud, listening, learning spelling rules, or making sure your message is clear in both speaking and writing. Additionally, group therapy services allow clients a more cost-affordable option to individual therapy.

These therapy services are provided in groups of two or more clients who have similar needs and goals. If you are interested in the group therapy option, please inquire as to whether we may have clients in our practice who have similar needs to you or your child.

Like individual therapy, goals and objectives for the group members are derived from baseline assessment. Drs. Katz and Pierson plan activities that allow each group member to work on his or her goals. Group therapy participants are provided with a final written report of progress along with recommendations for next steps.

An additional benefit of group therapy is the social-emotional support that comes from being a member of the group. Participants become friends and encourage and cajole each other. Sometimes a peer can be a better motivator. For many of our clients, they feel like they are stuggling with their literacy and language issues alone; it helps when you understand that others are working hard to learn new things, too. Together you learn, achieve, and experience success; and, you have fun while doing so.


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