We believe that a tutor can play an important role in the development of an individual's literacy skills, and this may be especially true for individuals with language/literacy disorders and learning disabilities.

Tutors can provide children and adults not only with academic support, but also with emotional support. They can help them manage, prioritize, strategize, and get through their academic work.

Tutors come from a variety of backgrounds—some were teachers or reading specialists, and others came to tutoring through their expertise in a specific content area like math or science.

Whatever your background, you might have questions about working with students with language/literacy disorders and learning disabilities.

We, Drs. Katz and Pierson, received our PhDs in Special Education with a specialty in Literacy, Language, and Learning Disabilities from the University of  Michigan's School of Education. However, our earlier graduate work and experiences were in speech-language pathology, resulting in our in-depth understanding of the relationships between language and literacy.

With our educational backgrounds and professional experiences, we are well situated to help you in your work with students who have language/literacy disorders and learning disabilities. 

If you are a tutor who is looking to learn more about working with students who have language/literacy disorders and/or learning disabilities, Drs. Katz and Pierson can design professional development experiences that meet your interests and needs.

Specific topics for tutors might include:

  • Warning Signs of Language/Literacy Disorders and/or Learning Disabilities in the Early Elementary Years (or Later Elementary and Middle School Years, in Adolescence, or in Adulthood)

  • How Oral Language Affects Learning to Read, Spell, and Write

  • How to Build and Maintain Collaborative Relationships with Other Educational Professionals

  • How to Modify My Usual Methods for Students with Language/Literacy Disorders and/or Learning Disabilities


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